23 since last 7 years!

My friends know that I always claim to be 23 years old :D.  Ok here I admit today,  I am 23 since last 7 years. I formally started the company when I was 23 and ever since my age refused to grow. Today, not sure why, I feel a little old, a little wise. I look into the mirror and see the white hair shouting at me – “Oh Paresh, you entered the Thirties”. That left me wondering – how fast the last 10 years went by? I sat introspecting about my twenties and I could connect the dots looking backwards. I stumbled upon website building Couple of months before I entered 20’s , I stumbled upon a piece of article meant for school kids in a newspaper that showed some basic html code and grabbed my attention. I was introduced to Internet a little earlier by my brother. Net connection at home wasn’t available  those days and so I  saved almost every Html & Javascript tutorial I found and carried them home in Floppy Drive (yes the 1.44 MB ones) and practiced at home My first website came up a little ahead of my 20th birthday. Never knew that a hobby that started when… Read More »