IIT-Delhi to tap wealthy alumni for donations

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi shall adopt the style of Ivy League universities to tap wealthy alumni for donations. Currently, IITD is in the process of recruiting its first development officer whose only mandate will be to liaise with the illustrious alumni for raising funds. At present, alumni donations to their alma mater is abysmally low and the institute is also in the process of finalizing a vision document that will inform alumni exactly where they can help donate in the form of increasing teaching facilities, housing quarters, hostel accommodation and fund scholarships. Help from alumni shall address the need for providing many more scholarships and expanding infrastructure. Read full article on Times of India

IIT-Bombay alumni starts ‘IITB Innovate’ for raising funds to encourage innovative ideas

Alumni of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) from 2002 batch have taken an initiative to set up ‘IITB Innovate’, an alumni-funded project to aid innovative research projects of students submitted at the IITB Incubation Centre. The aim of ‘IITB Innovate’ is to support students who have great ideas but lack funds when building prototypes. An Innovation Fund is being set up to support best innovations in research, technology and product development that would create a lasting impact on the quality of life in India. IITB will use this fund to provide capital to innovative projects and assist in the successful transition of innovative ideas from the early stage to prototyping. Read full article on DNA India

Alumni take initiative to renovate their 158 year old school building

As time flies by, many might have forgotten their schooldays and memories. Some cherish those nostalgic memories and few might have visited their school once or twice. But the old students of the historic municipal school of Srikakulam understood that mere visiting their school and recalling memories was not enough. They decided to renovate their 158-year old school building and construct new blocks. Read full article on The Hindu

Harvard Business School receives a Record $22 Million from alumni

Alumni donations to the Harvard Business School reached a record $22 million in the year 2013 which is 16 percent higher than 2012. As per the article, the donations are used to expand entrepreneurship programmes and the tuition assistance it gives to MBA candidates. About half of the school’s student body receives fellowship support, and the average amount of aid per student rose 3 percent in 2013 to $30,725, more than half of the annual tuition bill. Read full article on Business Week